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How Does The Weather Affect My Roof ?

The weather we experience affects your roof in a variety of different ways and it’s important to keep on top of roof maintenance to reduce the likelihood of needing expensive roof repairs.

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Advice On Choosing An Approved Roofer

Your roof is a huge part of your home and choosing a roofer can sometimes be a complicated business! We have provided some of our top tips below on choosing a roofer to make it a smoother and easier process.

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Electrical Surges and How to Prevent Them

As a trusted electrician serving Richmond and Teddington , we understand the importance of protecting your home from electrical surges. In this blog, we’ll explore the dangers of surges and the benefits of surge protection devices in safeguarding your valuable investments.

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What To Do With Leaks At Home

Leaks can happen inside or outside, anywhere within your property boundary. This includes all internal plumbing and the supply pipe under your garden or driveway.

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